My Favorites

Papers Look-up

  1. IEL Advanced Search

  2. Elsevier Science Direct Online

  3. IEICE Trans. Search System

Powerful Search Engines

  1. Google

  2. Google Scholar


(with, World Airport Codes and Landings)

Travelers and Expeditionist

  1. Ian Wright

  2. Dr. Nick Middleton

Internet Radio

  1. Singapore Capital Radio 958

  2. Sverge Radio P3Star

Subways around the World

  1. UrbanRail


  1. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

  2. Beyond our planet

  3. Japan Meteorological Agency

  4. Beautiful Wallpapers from Hokkaido, Japan                     Click for Asahikawa (a nearby city to Furano), Japan Forecast

  5. Lots of Maps (Perry-Castañeda Library)

  6. The Most Gorgeous Hotel in the World in Dubai, UAE     Click for Dubai, UAE Forecast

  7. Turning Torso in Malmö, Sweden (Webcamera live)         Click for Malmö, Sweden Forecast

  8. Extremes
    • North pole                                                             Click for Alert, Nunavut (nearby city to North pole) Forecast
    • South pole                                                             Click for Amundsen-scott, Antarctica Forecast

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Last updated: March 2, 2007