Computer Vision Competition

2014 International Computer Vision Competition with IEA-AIE 2014

Rules and Regulations

We would like to express our appreciation for your participation in the International Computer Vision Competition with IEA-AIE 2014. Please note the following rules and regulations for the competition.

All attendees for the International Computer Vision Competition are kindly requested to register. Registration form must be received no later than May 26, 2014. Please fill in the form for Registrant Information and send it to Note that the Registration Fee is free.

  1. The demo videos for people-counting can be downloaded from the website of IEA-AIE 2014 as follows,(
  2. Each team has to develop their software to discover the number of people in each videos.
  3. Test videos similar to the demo videos will be announced on-site in the competition
  4. For each video, each team has to show the instant information including the numbers of people ingoing or outgoing the gate ,separately
  5. Each team should prepare their own machine(Notebook will be better) to run the software for people-counting.
  6. Each team has an hour to set their software for people-counting before formal tests.
Address:Kaohsiung, Taiwan ROC
Theme:People counting in Videos
Demo: Video1 Video2 Video3 Video4

Competition Rules and Regulations

Competition Registration Form