The First International Conference on Pervasive Computing, Signal Processing and Applications
Harbin Institute of Technology, China, September 17-19, 2010



    Harbin has been influenced by the neighboring country Russia. The famous Guogeli Street, Zhongyang Pedestrian Street, and Saint Sophia Church are all full of Russian style.

Saint Sophia Church

Saint Sophia Church and pigeons

The Entrance of Zhongyang Pedestrian Street

Zhongyang Pedestrian Street

Guogeli Street

The riverside of Guogeli Street

    With its abundant resources, Harbin people have developed different kinds of delicious foods, including country food, wild vegetable food, and Russian style western food. The traditional Russian food, such as ˇ°Lieba breadˇ± ˇ°Saca breadˇ± and ˇ°Lidaosiˇ± sausage are all unique foods of Harbin in China.

    Harbin beer was born in 1900, which is the earliest beer in China. Beer in Harbin has an over hundred years beer history. The first beer factory was established here in 1900. Harbin is also the second biggest beer consumption city in the world, and the first is Munich. In Harbin beer is not only a kind of beverage, but also a special kind of media to transform the friendship and sensibility between friends and families. To develop the local beer culture, Harbin Communist Committee, Harbin municipal Government and other related departments decide to hold Harbin Summer International Beer Festival in Zhongyang Pedestrian Street. The festival organizer invites many world and domestic famous beer company to take part in the activities, including products show and beer degustation. During the festival, thousands of people go to Zhongyang Pedestrian Street every night to enjoy the delicious beer and share the happiness brought by beer.