-Conference Tour

ISME-2012/ICGEC-2012 Joint Conference Tour

 August 24, 2012

Oomi Islands and Nishinagato

To encourage the interaction among attendees of ISME-2012 and ICGEC-2012, the secretariat had planned a one-day tour to Oomi Islands and Nishinagato with hot spring bathing.

Oomi Islands has some of the most beautiful sceneries in Japan . Our attendees will embrace these fantastic sceneries during the cruising.

The next highlight of the trip is Nishinagato. The tour will stay there for some hours. Visitors can enjoy a delicious lunch and, if you like, take a hot spring bath at Nishinagato Hotel.

They provide various sorts of baths, either outdoor bath or indoor bath with a view of the sea.

The tour will be ended with a return-trip along the beautiful coast line.


Tour Fee: 10,000 JPY (including transportation, cruising, lunch and bathing)

Due Date for Tour Registration: August 10, 2012

Tour Registration Form: Please download and fill in the form, and proceed with as instructed.


Oomi Islands


Nishinagato Church


A hot spring bath room with a view of the sea


A hot spring bath in sunset


An outdoor hot spring bath


Restaurant Belvedere


Japanese restaurant


Bar in the hotel




The Sixth International Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Computing
Kitakyushu, Japan | August 25 ~ 28, 2012