The Kitakyushu International Conference Center is located at the core of the International Convention Zone north of JR Kokura Station. The main hall seats 585 people and is equipped with a large front-projection screen and three 200-inch, high-definition screens for effective presentations using videos, computer images, etc. Its simultaneous interpreting system can handle four different languages at one time. The event hall, which is adjacent to the main hall, has a 12 meter-high ceiling and can be used as an exhibition space or for parties and receptions.
The international conference room is also equipped with a 4-language simultaneous interpreting system and high-grade equipment suitable for international events such as a 110-inch hi-vision projector and a 90-inch video projector. In addition, the Center has six small to medium conference rooms that range in size from 36 to 108 seats. These can be connected to the main hall and the international conference room by an audiovisual and LAN system for large-scale academic society meetings, etc. 


Conference Room 21

Main Hall International Conference Room



The Sixth International Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Computing
Kitakyushu, Japan | August 25 ~ 28, 2012